Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Throwing out the Trash!

My favorite design elements are layers and textures. I secretly collect garbage..LOL. I start to throw things away and just before I toss it I see the potential in a future art piece. My family thinks I 'm completely nuts!! I usually have no clue what I'm going to use it for, I just know I might need it. The net on this card was made from a webbed plastic fruit wrapper. I don't even know what they call it!!


groovyinclinations said...

We are certainly alike Tracy!! I was going to ask you just today if you had a blog yet! You'll have to go to my blog and see this giveaway that I'm doing. It will be a total random number, so you never know who may win!

Your photos are really great and your products and cards area amazing~ great work!

groovyinclinations said...

Oh, and what makes us alike? I swear I keep every scrap of paper, wrapper etc...

Cathy said...

Tracy, thank you for stopping by my blog. I do believe we are birds of a feather. I love your artwork. And yes, I do believe!